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The Soulheart Good Network is dedicated to empowering local community initiatives involving veteran support, single mothers in need and youth development.

We Want to Make the World a Better Place

The Soulheart Good Network is committed to various community causes, especially helping to reduce the number of Veterans that feel hopeless enough to take their own life. Through videos of Veteran stories and direct contributions of time and money to local and national programs that help advocate on their behalf, we’re committed to this important cause. 100% of all donations go direct to fund the programs and initiatives.

At SGN we don’t take salaries, we only invest in lives.

The Veterans Project

Lou Dibona

Did you know 22 Veterans commit suicide every single day? And 47% of all Vietnam Vets are unsheltered. This crisis has many people committed to helping Veterans. But we still have a long way to go before it’s fully solved.

The Veterans Project is about telling the stories of Veterans, and giving them a voice to speak out in ways they haven’t been able to before. We create an environment of love and positivity and work with them to tell us about the times they served and what their passions are today.

Please join us in this important cause and consider donating to continue funding for this project.

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